This is the second edition of Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong ( Blueprint 2.0 ).  

The Government published the Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong in December 2017, setting out 76 initiatives under six smart areas, namely “Smart Mobility”, “Smart Living”, “Smart Environment”, “Smart People”, “Smart Government” and “Smart Economy”. Among them, the digital infrastructure projects and other major initiatives have been implemented as planned in the past three years, for example, the Faster Payment System, installing free public Wi-Fi hotspots, and the “iAM Smart” one-stop personalised digital services platform.  

Blueprint 2.0 puts forth over 130 initiatives which continue to enhance and expand existing city management measures and services. The new initiatives aim to bring benefits and convenience to the public so that residents can better perceive the benefits from smart city and innovation and technology (I&T) in their daily lives. Examples are application of “Building Information Modelling”, enhancement of smart tourism platforms, establishment of the LawTech Fund, development of the Traffic Data Analytics System, and Smart Village pilots, etc.

In addition, our work in combating the epidemic in 2020 has given us some insights on promoting I&T development. In particular, the adoption of an innovative mindset to transform established service modes and the wider adoption of technology to combat the “new normal”. Blueprint 2.0 has also included a new chapter on “Use of I&T in Combating COVID-19”, which covers measures already undertaken and being planned, such as the “StayHomeSafe” system to support home quarantine, deploying the “LeaveHomeSafe” exposure notification mobile app, development of health codes to facilitate cross-boundary travel, etc.

The Smart City portal ( serves as a bridge of communications between the Government and members of the public. We will update regularly the progress of these smart city initiatives and provide real-time city data dashboards. Members of the public can also submit their views and suggestions on different initiatives and subjects.    

Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau


Embrace innovation and technology to build a world-famed Smart Hong Kong
characterised by a strong economy and high quality of living


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To make people happier, healthier, smarter and more prosperous, and the city greener, cleaner, more livable, sustainable, resilient and competitive

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To enable the business to capitalise on Hong Kong’s renowned business-friendly environment to foster innovation, transform the city into a living lab and test bed for development

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To provide better care for the elderly and youth and foster a stronger sense of community. To make the business, people and Government more digitally enabled and technology savvy

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To consume fewer resources and make Hong Kong more environmental friendly, while maintaining its vibrancy, efficiency and livability