Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission suggested by the consultant


Smart Hong Kong – Embracing innovation and technology to build a strong economy, enhance quality of living and make Hong Kong a well-known Smart City.


Mission 1

People will be happier, healthier, smarter and more prosperous. The city will be more livable, green, clean, sustainable, resilient and competitive.

Mission 2

Businesses will continue to capitalise on Hong Kong’s renowned business-friendly environment, foster innovation, transform the city into a living lab and test bed for development and accelerate into local and global markets.

Mission 3

The elderly and youth will be better cared for, and there will be a stronger sense of community. Businesses, people and the Government will be more technologically savvy as the city continues to be more digitally enabled.

Mission 4

As a member of the global community, Hong Kong will be more environmentally friendly and consume fewer resources whilst maintaining its efficiency, livability and vibrancy.